Reliable Recruiters List


Here are the names of some reliable recruiters.  Note that we do not favor one consulting firm over another but we will be reporting what recruiters get the job done and the names of their consulting firms.

Jared Johnson, Oxford International
Shawn Balderas, Oxford Global Resources, Inc.

Top 100 Recruiters

Dr, Bisconti’s business database contains the email addresses of thousands of recruiters. The following 100 (actually 94; 6 are still being approved by Dr. Bisconti)…the following 100 email addresses are of recruiters on Dr. Bisconti’s “Preferred Vendors” list of recruiters. The list is in alphabetical order, not in any order of rating. This list may change to some degree over time.

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Work Request From A Recruiter

SQL Server DBA
St. Louis.
Long term contract.  Potential contract to hire.

Senior SQL Server Database Administrator will be responsible for designing new and/or upgraded solutions for the company’s technology needs.  They will advise on feasibility and methodology of integrating IT services and other critical processes regarding database services and data integrity protection.  Lead the development of IT solutions that include the design, integration and 3rd Tier support of various hardware and software technologies in a global enterprise environment, including backup and recovery, database security, troubleshooting and maintenance.  Cross training other members of the IT team and mentoring of junior level DBAs.  As a secondary responsibility, the Senior DBA will perform design and integration services for various non-SQL related system applications, as required.

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