Dr. Bisconti’s Profile


Relational Database Management Systems: DBA (database administrator), architect, developer, expert-level, all versions, all functionality, hands on work, management roles: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle,  MySQL, ADABAS, DB2, DB2/2, dBase, Foxpro, IDMS, IMS, Informix, Ingress, Paradox, Progress, Quattro Pro, Sybase, UDB, and all other relational database management systems (see next section).

Administrator, Architect, & Developer In These Relational Databases

4th Dimension, ADABAS, Adabas D, Alpha Five, Apache Cassandra, Apache Derby, Aster Data, Altibase, BlackRay, CA-Datacom, Clarion, Clustrix, CSQL, CUBRID, Daffodil database, DataEase, Database Management Library, Dataphor, DB2, DB2/2, dBase, Derby aka Java DB, Empress Embedded Database, EXASolution, EnterpriseDB, eXtremeDB, FileMaker Pro, Firebird, Foxpro, Greenplum, GroveSite, H2, Helix database, HSQLDB, IBM DB2, IBM Lotus Approach, IBM DB2 Express-C, IDMS, IMS, Infobright, Informix, Ingress, InterBase, InterSystems Caché, GT.M, Linter, MariaDB, MaxDB, MemSQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Jet Database Engine (part of Microsoft Access), Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Express, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Mimer SQL, mizanSQL, MonetDB, MongoDB, mSQL, MySQL, Netezza, NexusDB, NonStop SQL, Openbase, OpenLink Virtuoso (Open Source Edition), OpenLink Virtuoso Universal Server, OpenOffice.org Base, Oracle, Oracle Rdb for OpenVMS, Panorama, Paradox, Quattro Pro, Pervasive PSQL, Polyhedra, PostgreSQL, Postgres Plus Advanced Server, Progress, Progress Software, RDM Embedded, RDM Server, The SAS system, SAND CDBMS, SAP HANA, SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, SAP Sybase IQ, SQL Anywhere (formerly known as Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere and Watcom SQL), ScimoreDB, SmallSQL, solidDB, SQLBase, SQLite, Sybase, Sybase Advantage Database Server, Teradata, TimesTen, txtSQL, UDB, Unisys RDMS 2200, UniData, UniVerse, Vectorwise, Vertica, VMDS


  • Download Dr. Bisconti’s Cybortel DBA AI, the world’s first DBA Artificial Intelligence.
  • See //biscontitechnologies.com for a practical demonstration of technical expertise.
  • Expert in Relational Database Management Systems (database sizes:  up to 10 terabytes):  Microsoft SQL Server for over 22 years (all versions, including 2005, 2008, and 2008 R2), Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MySQL, DB2 (including UDB), and other RDBMs.  Recent responsibility for over 1,000 SQL Server databases (total database size: 10+ Terabytes) and for over 200 ORACLE databases (total database size: 5+ Terabytes).
  • Enterprise Application Areas: (business analysis, etc. in the areas of) Business Intelligence, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Enterprise Resource Planning, Financials, Human Resources, Supplier Relationship Management, and Supply Chain Management
  • Enterprise Application Software: (business analysis, etc. using) BusinessObjects, J. D. Edwards, Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft, Platinum, SAP, and Walker Financials.
  • Environments & Languages:  Microsoft operating systems, Active Directory, Unix/Linux operating systems, Microsoft Visual Studio/other languages, and .NET environment
  • Personnel Interactionmore than 25 years managing and interacting with end users in PC, client/server, minicomputer, and mainframe environments as team leader, project manager, and department head.
  • Experienced in several industries:  grade/high school/college teacher, computer-based testing, communications, distribution, education, financial, food, insurance, manufacturing, marketing, medical, real estate, sales, safety, software, steel industry, television, web-hosting.
  • Inventor of “Footprint Technology”:  Footprint technology allows you to check any number of performance/diagnostic metrics at a single glance using graphical spectroscopy.  Metrics are converted into benchmark/daily spectra and compared.  See “DEVRY” below.
  • Technology Website at //biscontitechnologies.com.
  • President of IADBA (a DBA organization) at //lfnexus.com/iadba.com/.
  • President of HIPAFI (a HIPAA organization) at //lfnexus.com/hipafi.com/.
  • A technical assessment session (you present your needs, I present my relevant qualifications, and we assess whether I can meet your needs) is highly recommended.
  • President of WebPsyops, Inc. (web design and development) at //webpsyops.lfnexus.com/.
  • Some jobs/contracts listed below were coterminous.
  • Student (not anywhere near fluent) of several languages, including Hindi, Urdu, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, and Chinese.